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A POT file generator for LibreOffice documents and macros string constants.



PO (and POT) files are an easy means for on-the-fly translation of all applications strings (dialogues and all kinds of messages).

POTGun is a localization tool (aka L10N) for your LibreOffice macros and extensions developments. For this, it creates POT files (portable object templates), as promoted by the GNU gettext project, from strings contained in your LibreOffice macros and dialogues. POTGun code implements a complete strings translation solution.


  • Processes all known macro libraries (from MyMacros and global macros) and any LibreOffice opened document.
  • Takes the custom prefix or suffix (alias affixes) used to identify L10N constant strings in your code. Multiple affixes are supported.
  • Extracts all strings from code string constants that fit the affix query.
  • Extracts all strings from dialogues (title, labels, help text, listboxes and combo boxes contents).
  • Saves the extracted strings to a POT text file that complies with that format.
  • Allows to insert custom translator notes at the POT file beginning.
  • Can save the settings so that they are retrieved at POTGun next start.
  • Is a self-demo: it contains all the necessary code to implement the solution.
  • Comes with a help file.


  • As of current version, POTGun doesn’t supports all the GNU gettext features, in particular plural forms.

Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • Version 0.7.0 First public version. 6.2 Linux, Windows GPL

    First public version.

  • Version 0.7.0 First public version. 6.2 Linux, Windows GPL

    First public version.

  • POTGun version 0.7.1 Fixes a bug 6.2 Linux, Windows GPL

    Fixes a bug that could only be detected under Windows.


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  • the east Dec 24, 2021, 5:59 AM (13 months ago)

    Very nice extension but please consider adding text theme for dark background. My eyes would be thankful for that :)

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